02 May 2014

The In-Between Time

Okay, yes, I COULD play the other two bits of Bioshock Infinite DLC that are just waiting for me, but I don't wanna.  Why?  Because Outlast: Whistleblower comes out in just a few days and I'll only have nine days to play it before I whoosh away out of town, so I don't really wanna delve into the heartwrenching cerebral fornication that is Bioshock right beforehand.

It's the in-between time.

The palate-cleansing that is dabbling in Mercenary Kings (stupidly, inexplicably addictive, also boob-jiggle) helps.  Also there was the little add-on level Bank Heist for Thief, which kind of wasn't worth the money, but hey, extra gameplay!  And...boob...jiggle?


No batmanboobjiggle.

But there WAS this:
That's right, bitches.
Every.  Single.  GODDAMN.  ASH.  FUCKING.  TRAY.

Oh, and while we're talking about Thief, here, have a floating pipe (because I am an EXPERT at breaking this game and all other technology):
You found a PIPE!

Hey by the way.  PS4 dropped some mad share updates to the system pretty recently, so there's that to tinker with, too.  And tinker I did.  Not only can you save things to a USB now, which is a HUGE improvement since Facebook and Twitter are not, in fact, the only social platforms out there, you can now archive streaming sessions, tweak the amount of time the PS4 records gameplay automatically, edit/add commentary/splice videos in SHAREfactory, and adjust a host of other settings system-wide.

Check out a summary of the updates on the Playstation blog here, and the specific details of version 1.70 can be found right here.

So, of course, I made this:

I like it.

I like it a lot.

This shall provide me with entertainment while I await my beloved Whistleblower.

Last but not least, remember how I said I was getting some aftermarket grips to compensate for Peely McPeelerson the Controller?  I did, and they rule.  (I know the left one looks like it isn't sitting straight, but it settled down after playing. I didn't remove the torn up rubber from the Dualshock before popping it on there.)

O'Plaza grips, bought through Amazon here

I'm ready for you, Whistleblower.  I'm done in-betweening.  I'm ready for a commitment.  Let's do this.  Let's run away together.